VIVA Powerchair
301 Viva Powerchair
It is now possible to be more active outdoors with the Rascal 301 Viva Powerchair from Advance Electrical Mobility. Built to last, this sturdy Class 3 powerchair incorporates the very best in comfort and reliability to give you the confidence you need when out and about. The Rascal 301 Viva has the power to carry 400lb in complete comfort, negotiate most terrains and travel for up to 20 miles without the need for recharging.
The Rascal 301 Viva gives you Complete safety with features which include a full lighting kit, mirror and seat belt.
A robust, rugged design that gives total versatility across uneven terrains.
Optional extras upgrade to 22 width seat, elevating legrests, swing-away legrests, powered seat lift or dual/attendant control.
Exceptional design is enhanced with modern styling to give you a powerchair that is ready to meet the demands of the outside world the Rascal 301 Viva from advance Electrical Mobility.
  • Outdoor Class 3 for pavement and road use.
  • Full lighting kit, mirror and safety belt as standard.
  • Maximum user weight up to 400lbs.
  • Large drive wheels help over uneven terrain.
  • Optional power seat lift.
  • Optional elevating legrests.
  • Travel up to 20 miles on one charge.
  • Modern styling and design.
Overall Length
Overall Width
Total weight
Heaviest Component
Maximum Range
Maximum speed
Castor Wheel size
Drive Wheel size
Turning radius
Maximum safe slope
77.5cm (30.5") 
59.7cm (23.5")
2 x 50amp
107kg (236lb)
53.5kg (118lb)
32.2km (20 miles)
8kph / 5mph
22.9cm (9")
35.6cm (14")
76.2cm (30")
10 degrees
Powered lift seat
Elevating legrests

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