AEM 300 stand-up Powered Wheelchair
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Multi-function stand-up powered wheelchair

 Multi-position powered chair
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Seat width:  43cm (17")
Seat depth:  47-58cm (18.5"-23")
Seat height:  58-73cm (23"-29")
Armrest height:  26-29cm (10"-11.5")
Footrest length:  14-35cm (6"-14")
Back height:  53-63cm (21"-25")
Overall width:  72cm (28")
Overall length:  128cm (50")
Overal height:   130cm (51")
Min Turning Radius:  86.5cm (34")
Speed:  0-8km/h (0-6mph)
Travel range:  25km (50Ah 12V x 2)
Seat Angle:  0deg. - 78deg. 
Climbing ability:  10deg. (18%)
Total Weight: 135kg (300lbs) - w/battery
Load Capacity:  150kg (330lbs)
Features include:
  • Innovative design which integrates stand-up, recline, tilted-in-space and lift-up in one chair
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Stand-up function allows users to easily reach items in high positions
  • Flat reclining function allows complete relaxation
  • Lift-up function allows easy transit from bed to chair and vice-versa.
  • Zero shearing force provides best protection for weak skin when stand-up and reclining functions are being used.
  • Rear-draw battery system allows battery to be replaced with ease
Multi-function stand-up powered wheelchair
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