P200 Powered Wheelchair
Compass 330 Powered Wheelchair 

  • Easy to use joystick controls.
  • Adjustable backrest and seat angle. 
  • Rear coil suspension. 
  • Swing to side controller. 
  • Adjustable sculptured armrest. 
  • Optional Elevating Leg rests.
  • Price: 3125

Overall Length
Overall Width
Max. rider weight
Battery pack weight
Total weight
Max. Range
Max. speed
Castor Wheel size
Drive Wheel size
Turning Radius
Safe Climbing angle
97cm / 38"
67cm (26")
136kg (300lbs)
2 x 50amp
2 x 18.2kg (40lb)
90kg (198lb)
16 miles
6.2km/h (4mph)
21cm (8.25")
size 20cm (8.2")
103cm (43")
Maximum Safe Slope 8

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