P321 Powered Wheelchair
P321 Powered Wheelchair
  • Indoor / outdoor car transportable powerchair.
  • Wireless connecter for ease of dismantling.
  • Comfort padded seat.
  • Handle hole in footplate to help lifting.
  • Solid tyres on all wheels.
  • Easy to fit in your car for shopping and holidays.
  • Price: was 2499 now 2250 
Overall Length
Overall Width
Max. rider weight
Total weight
Heaviest Component
Max. Range
Max. speed
Castor Wheel size
Drive Wheel size
Turning Radius
Safe Climbing angle
88cm / 35"
58cm / 23"
114kg (250lbs)
2 x 15amp
44.4kg / 98lbs
18kg / 39lbs
Upto 13km (8 miles)
6.4kph / 4mph
15.2cm (6")
20cm (8")
1.06m (3.5ft)
6 degrees

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