Mobility Scooters 

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Compact Mobility Scooters

For journey’s with friend’s and family our compact mobility scooters can be easily taken apart for the car boot and reassembled when you reach your destination. They can travel betwween 8 - 10 miles and are ideal for going to the local shops or around the shopping centre. Our compact scooters start from €695 with a full warranty.

Medium Mobility Scooters

Our medium mobility scooters are ideal for people who wish to travel a little further than 10 miles. They have larger wheels, suspension, larger more comfortable seat and will travel on average 25 miles. Our 388 mobility scooter is a superb example of this, it is a high quality scooter at a budget price. Our medium scooters are suitable for driving on grass, gravel, ramps and even those potholes. Our medium scooters will still fit through a standard width door.

Large Mobility Scooters

Our large mobility scooters are very impressive and will give you full mobility with absolutely no barriers. Go where you want and when you want. Our large mobility scooter can travel between 35 – 45 mile depending on the model and will even drive at 8mph. these scooters come with larger wheels and a bigger seat and also has indicators and headlights. All our mobility scooters come with a fully warranty 
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Smart Ramp
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