1. Always buy from a reputable mobility company in the Republic of Ireland who can back up your product and warranty DIRECTLY. This way you should receive a better quality of after sales services.

  2. Beware of purchasing mobility products” online” names listed may only be looking to sell, but do not directly specialise in full mobility dealership. It is easy to view products on a website but it can be hazardous if you are unsure of who you are dealing with and very costly in the end. There can be security issues regarding your personal information and credit card information. If problems do arise you can’t simply go to your local shop to discuss the issue


  3. Ask for a demonstration of the product by an expert at the company showroom or in the comfort of your own home. A good authorised dealership will facilitate this providing you with a professional assessment and ensuring the product meet your specific requirements.

  4. It is a minimum requirement that the company has their own showroom which you can visit to discuss your needs (now or after the purchase) but it is strongly advised that you check to ensure they have a service department ON THE PREMISES with experienced engineers who can maintain your product if required in the future. If a third party is engaged to deal with maintenance you may experience long delays. An authorised mobility dealer should handle things directly and you will have peace of mind.

  5. Ask to see the company public and products liability insurance certificate. It is most important to ensure that it is their own policy and not that of their supplier. Your safe mobility should be a priority with your mobility dealer and they should give you the reassurance that the product or service you receive is professionally insured.

  6. Make sure the company is dedicated to the business LONGTERM. Ask the following.

    a.  How long the company is in business and look for good references
    b.  Are they easily contacted by phone and available to give good and sound advice.
    c.  Are they a member of a recognised guild or association?
    d.  Will they take your product back as a’ TRADE IN’ should you wish to purchase another model in the future should your circumstances change.

  7. Always remember “VALUE IS NOT ONLY ABOUT PRICE”. The cheapest or the most expensive model in the range may not meet your requirements. A reputable authorised mobility dealer with good experience in the business will assess you on the honest basis of what your needs are and not what they can sell you.

  8. Your guarantee is important to you it should be clear and comprehensive with small print terms and conditions minimised. With no fuss, you can buy with an easy mind.

  9. IMPORTANT: Please note ADVANCE ELECTRICAL MOBILITY can fulfil all of the above and have been doing so since 1986, OUR SLOGAN is “YOUR MOBILITY MADE EASY” and we mean it. BUYING WITH CONFIDENCE FROM A.E.M. IS GUARANTEED.
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