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Powered Wheelchairs

Rascal RIO

Price: €2160

The Rascal Rio is a modern & stylish powerchair ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The super lightweight portable powerchair easily dismantles making it the perfect choice for transportation and storage in small spaces. Getting the seat position right for you is simple with fully adjustable armrests, seat height and joystick. The high strength base makes the Rio a sturdy option for anyone looking for a durable, compact powerchair


  • Super lightweight & transportable
  • Flip-up fully adjustable armrests
  • Solid tyres all round
  • Convenient joystick charging port
  • Padded seat with folded back, adjustable arm height, angle & width
  • Flip-up footplate


  • Overall length: 88cm/35"
  • Overall width: 55cm/23"
  • Floor to seat height: 50.8 - 55.8cm
  • Seat width: 45.7cm/18"
  • Seat depth: 43.1cm/17"
  • Maximum carrying capacity: 113kg/18 stone
  • Battery voltage and capacity: 12V /14Ah x 2
  • Maximum Speed: 6.4km/h / 4mph
  • Ground clearance: 2.3cm / 0.9"
  • Maximum kerb height:2.5cm / 0.1"
  • Range * -standard battery pack: up to 13km / 8 miles
  • The maximum safe slope: 6 degrees
  • Turn around width: 1.06m / 3'5"
  • Colour: white

Razoo 3QR

The Rascal Razoo is a slim & sleek everyday companion to assist and enhance your independence. The compact chassis makes this one of the most petite powerchairs on the market, with a quick release battery pack & easy to dismantle components.

Price: On application


  • Car Transportable
  • Swing-away joystick
  • Transportable battery box
  • Solid tyres all round
  • Comfortable, rotating Captains seat


  • Overall length: 89.6cm/35.3”
  • Overall width: 58.2cm/22.9”
  • Seat width: 47cm/18.5”
  • Seat Depth: 43.1cm/17”
  • Maximum Carrying capacity:136kgs/21 stone
  • Maximum speed 6km/h/3.8mph
  • Range: up to 11km/6.8 miles
  • Optional extras Swing-away or elevating legrests.

Rascal Rhythm SL

The Rascal Rhythm with Seat Lift (SL) offers graceful simplicity to the user including the flexibility of dual-directional drive with a rotating seat giving you the option of Front-Wheel Drive for superb manoeuvrability indoors or Rear-Wheel Drive for extra traction outdoors. Experience a refined drive with smooth acceleration and turning as the Rhythm SL moves in harmony with you. Well defined driving positions, a swing-away joystick and a fully adjustable seat and headrest combine for proven all-day comfort.

Price: On application


  • 5 inch Column Seat Lift
  • Front-Wheel or Rear-Wheel Drive
  • Flip-up width adjustable armrests
  • Convenient joystick charging port
  • Swing-away joystick
  • High back adjustable seat
  • Fold-away footplates front and rear


  • Overall length: 105.2cm/41.4”
  • Overall width: 61.6cm/24.2”
  • Seat width: 48.3cm/19”
  • Seat Depth: 45.7cm/18”
  • Maximum Carrying capacity:159kgs/25 stone
  • Maximum speed 6.4km/h/ 4mph
  • Range: up to 16km/ 10 miles
  • Optional extras Swing-away or elevating legrests.

Rascal Rueba CT

Rascal Rueba CT 4 mph RWD is a Crash Tested powerchair providing a smooth ride indoor or outdoor. The capacity to adjust the seat tilt, backrest angle and horizontal strap tension for total convenience achieves the ideal seating position. The narrow stream-lined design fits easily through doorways offering full independence.

Price: On application


  • Ergonomic & adjustable seat
  • Removable armrests
  • Coil spring suspension
  • Convenient joystick charging port
  • Pneumatic tyres & anti-tip castors
  • Manual angle adjustable seat tilt from 0 - 20 ° in 5 ° increments
  • Seat folds for easy transportation
  • Swing-away legrests


  • Overall length: 107cm/42”
  • Overall width 61cm/24”
  • Seat angle setting 0-15
  • Seat width: 45.5cm/18”
  • Seat depth: 56cm/22”
  • Maximum carrying capacity: 159kg/25 stone
  • Maximum speed: 6.4km/h/4mph
  • Range: up to 33.5km/20.8 miles
  • Optional of: elevating legrests
  • Option of an Attendant control bracket
  • Option to use 16”-22” seat cushion
  • Option of lighting kit & mirrors

Rascal P327

Price: On Application

The Rascal P327 is a 4 mph Mid-Wheel Drive outdoor/indoor powerchair, with durable full suspension and comfortable cushioned Captain’s seat. The P327 delivers great performance with its 55Ah batteries contributing to its excellent range, outstanding manoeuvrability and a smooth ride. Enquire today about upgrading to a larger seat at 20.5”. P327 Mini, P327 XL and Seat Lift models also available.

Rascal P327-Mini

Price: On Application

The Rascal P327 Mini is a compact 4 mph Mid-Wheel Drive indoor/outdoor powerchair, with full suspension and comfortable scooter style seating. The P327 Mini is the ideal choice for indoor and outdoor use where space is restricted. It delivers great performance with its 34Ah batteries contributing to its outstanding manoeuvrability and a smooth ride. Discover the P327 Mini Seat Lift option with a column lift raising you by 7.5 inches which delivers a smooth lift action.

Rascal P327-XL

Price: On Application

The Rascal P327 XL is a heavy-duty 4 mph Mid-Wheel Drive outdoor/indoor powerchair, with durable full suspension and comfortable cushioned Captain’s seat mounted on a larger base. The P327 XL delivers great performance with its 55Ah batteries contributing to its excellent range, outstanding manoeuvrability and a smooth ride. P327 Mini, P327 (standard) and Seat Lift models also available.

Compact 320 Powered Wheelchair

Price: €2950

This Wheelchair dismantles for car transport has a removable seat and battery pack for convenience.Good indoor and outdoor capabilities in a small chair, turning circle only 66cm (26") and has a removable battery pack for off-board charging. Optional elevating legrests. Available in blue only

Plus P320 Compact Powerchair

Price: On Equiry

The Rascal P320 Compact from Electric Mobility is designed to be compact and lightweight, offering a simple solution to transporting your powerchair. The P320 comes apart into 3 sections, the heaviest of which is only 39 lbs / 18 kg. It is the ideal chair for indoor use, but will perform outdoors on reasonably smooth surfaces. Driven by its powerful motor, the P321 can carry a user of up to 18 stone over a range approaching 8 miles. It has a turning circle of just over 3 feet / 1.06 m, and offers a comfortable padded seat that allows adjustment to the armrests, seat height and the positioning of the controller. Wireless connections give you simplicity when dismantling, and the puncture proof tyres give you peace of mind if away from home.

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